E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t


                                TECHNICAL BOOKS

1. Energy Auditing Made Simple
2. How to make money through Energy Auditing-Vol.1 & 2
3. ISO Auditing Made Easy - Vol.3

4. Water scarcity and flood control
5. Practical Ready Reckoner For Energy Auditing (3 volumes)

    - 4000 pages


1. Success in Digital World 

2. The Ultimate Gateway of Success

3. Olimayamana Ethirkalam-(Part 1 & 2) -Tamil

4. Reiki Sikichayin Ragasyangan – Tamil

5. Vanaveethiyil Oru Vetri Payanam – Tamil

6. Reiki Secrets Revealed

7. Future with Nature

8. Light the Lamp of success

9. Cosmic Road map of success

10.Energy Neuro-Programming for Personality Development

11.Wonder therapy with nature
12.Build a bright future with nature for your sons and daughters
13.Gift a bright future with nature to your father and   mother
14.Reiki enum irai sikichchai- Tamil
15.Survival of the fittest in the digital world
16.Neer Partrakurai  mattum vella kattupadu-Tamil
17.Iyarkai sakthiyin arputham-manitha vazhkai prachinaikalukku-Tamil
18.Vazhkaiyil vetriadaya prapancha sakthi-Tamil
19.Vetri ungal kaiyil-Tamil
20.Vetri sikichchai-Tamil
21.How to solve water crisis in India
22.டிஜிட்டல் உலகில்  வாழத் தெரிய வேண்டும்-Tamil
23. Electronic Aspirin -Cosmic Energy
24.Ethirkalam ungal kaiyil-Tamil
25. Prapancha sakthi Sikichayin Ragasyangal – Tamil

26. Prapancha sakthi Mahimai- Tamil

​27. Water Management
28. Water Scarcity and flood Control 
29. The Art & Science of winning in Life


  1. Little Gems of Life
​  2. Little Pearls of Life
  3. Little Petals of Life
  4. Out of Control
​  5. Web of Five

​  6. Wrong Foot Forward​​

​  7.The Digital Master of puppets