E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t

  1. Digital Lifestyle changes
  2. Eat food slowly
  3. Maintain blood pH at 7.35
  4. Physical work
  5. Cosmic Energy Make up
  6. Introduction to Cosmic Make up
  7. Miracles of Cosmic Make up
  8. What the Vedas Say
  9. Scientific Explanation of Make up
  10. Tuning for Cosmic Make up
  11. The Benefits of Meditation
  12. Fruits of Karma (Actions)
  13. Energy Centres
  14. Chakras
  15. Key to Success
  16. How to win over the Mind
  17. To Succeed in Life
  18. The ultimate Gateway to Success

Table of content - Success in Digital World

Success in Digital World
  1. Digital Skills
  2. Smart phones
  3. Website designing and optimization
  4. Social Networking Skills
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Digital Life Skills
  8. Home Kaizen for success
  9. SWOT - Personal Life Analysis
  10. Kanban for solving personal problems
  11. 5S for life
  12. PCMS-Personal Continuity Management
  13. System
  14. PRMS-Personal Risk Management System
  15. Laws of life
  16. Rules of life
  17. Newton’s Law for real life situations
  18. Right to Information Act

A Quick Glance through the Whole Book

1. Do Cosmic make up in the appropriate places (Head Front, back, top, heart, stomach, end of spinal cord). Wherever there is physical problem, simply touch the appropriate places with the intention.

2. Do physical activities daily (exercises, walking or doing household chores).
* Chew the food slowly and eat slowly.
* Eat the right food

3. A sound mind in a sound body When this is achieved, your mind will automatically search for appropriate knowledge.

4. a. Website designing and optimization
b. Email Marketing
c. Use smart phones effectively