E (Energy) .... Cosmic Energy

N (Neuro) .... Nervous System

P (Programming) .. Giving Instructions

          .... Affirmation

          .... Visualization or recite their own prayers if they like.

  • E-np uses cosmic energy plus psychology.
  • e-np works with just keeping the hand on the body.
  • Everything in this world operates on a scientific basis. Nothing is extra-ordinary in nature.
  • The magnetic radiation emanated from the hand is 1 billionth of a watt (10-9 w) that creates a change when it reaches 52 to 78 GHz.
  • Energy follows thought. The energy goes into action the moment the thought occurs.
  • Thoughts are electro-magnetic and travel faster than light.
  • Any time is e-np time. 
  • e-np can be practiced while doing work, watching TV, talking over phone, walking.
  • e-np is not a Placebo Effect 
  • Results are important, name does not matter
  • Methodologies do not count in e-np
  • For all problems just keep the hand
  • Secret of e-np: practice, practice, practice
  • e-np is a scientific system
  • e-np can also be used for world peace. 

Inner and Outer Ecologies
Cosmic energy produces a harmony inside you and affects the same result on the outer frontiers of this universe, because only when inner ecology is cleansed, outer ecology is cleansed. Only when we change a new leaf, can we transform others. Even successful scientists who created big inventions could make it possible only through the usage of cosmic energy. Today’s modern scientists have this power, which alone enables them to invent new concepts. Only a continuous and smooth flow of cosmic energy ensures positive and complete tapping of universal potential. Another pre-requisite for the uninterrupted, smooth flow of cosmic energy is the upkeep of a good health and spirit.

Capacity of the Brain
It becomes imperative that humans strive for keeping the thought process down to the Alpha state of brain waves (8-12 cycles/sec). This becomes possible with the adoption and implementation of cosmic energy through affirmation and visualisation process and activates the sub-conscious mind to achieve our aims. If you really believe in your change, the sub-conscious mind merely accepts your belief. But sub-conscious mind cannot be deceived; the key remains in making it believe what you think. People can recite their own prayers also.

Scientific Explanation
Man, a 4-pole magnet, with the crown (pineal gland) as its positive pole, the base (gonad glands) as its negative pole, the heart’s right side being a positive pole and its left side, the negative pole, has become the centre of observation of the Russian scientists. These scientists have done extensive research and found out that the quantity energy emanated by the hand is 1 billionth of a watt and runs at a speed of 52-78 GHz (Billion cycles/second) to cure the blockades of the afflicted parts. For instance, an afflicted part means the presence of blockades that is to say, when ease is disturbed, disease comes. The infused cosmic energy goes to the source, that is, the disturbed path of the flow of electrons, and cures it to perfection. It creates equilibrium and puts these electrons back on their track. This is a scientifically proven technique.

E-np (Energy Neuro Programming) - Personality Development

Energy + Thoughts = Success

Man–A Battery

When the battery in the car is extinguished, we infuse energy into the car using another battery with charge. Thus, the human body and its seven energy centres (endocrine glands) operate as rotors.

The laws of magnetism are applicable to human body also. When the seven energy centres rotate clock-wise, they intake the cosmic energy from the universe and if they rotate anti-clockwise, the energy flows out of the body. This process is termed in electronics as right hand corkscrew rule. As many experience, these energy centres may remain dormant without any rotation at all. The energy we get from food, water and air is the same as the energy received from the universe. These seven energy centres attract this cosmic energy as cotton would without our knowledge.

This current is the celebrated life energy, the centre of the head being (crown) the positive pole and the base, the negative pole.

There is a potential difference between crown and base of body. When potential difference is established between two poles of the human body, magnetic field is set up around spinal cord and the current flows. These electro-magnetic rays surrounding a human body are termed aura.

This is the scientific-based truth and it should be properly comprehended and implemented in day-to-day life. The core of human life lies in these energy centres. When the heart’s energy centre is not functioning properly, the electro-magnetic rays fail to get infused, resulting in malfunctioning and there is a misunderstanding between life partners or a tussle at the emotional level of the relatives. If this closure persists for one year or so, it is sure to play havoc and result in heartaches.

A friend of mine had encountered a similar problem a few years ago. His only daughter’s sudden demise shocked him beyond words and consequently his heart’s energy centre was closed resulting in heart attacks and, to cure it, a bypass surgery. Though my friend boasts of a healthy diet, clean habits and impeccable life style, the emotional backlog created by his only daughter’s death, closed his heart’s energy centre and he was completely bedridden.

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