E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t


How to establish rapport?
The other important problem faced by the student is facing people. When you are meeting someone, you have to establish a rapport with him. The student can match his energy field with that of the other person. When the energy level matches, student is at the same wavelength as the other person. Before this, the student has to get rid of nervousness. For calmness and peace of mind, he has to keep the hand on the heart and the stomach. If he practices for five days, palpitation and nervousness will go away and he will remain calm and quiet. Matching the energy field comes by matching posture, breath and the voice. Suppose the person other is sitting cross-legged, he can also sit cross-legged. If he is talking in a high pitch, he should also talk in high pitch. So (aura) the energy field is matched. Whatever you say, he will say yes, yes. First cater to his interest and secondly match your energy field and then he will agree to whatever you say. Then whatever you tell, he will also be in agreement. By establishing rapport in this manner, for example, you an even get your sales contract!

To improve Self-confidence
Many students do not have faith in themselves. They feel that they are inferior. This may be due to the past trauma they had in their school days or college days or at home, childhood abuse etc. This trauma would be remaining in their subconscious mind. Passing the Reiki energy and giving affirmations that “my entire trauma has gone” and “I have become a better person” can remove this. If they practice this for three days, the past trauma or childhood memory will easily disappear and students will feel confident again.

Logical thinking
Some students are confused and are not able to think coherently. For example, if a businessman makes a wrong decision, he loses money. Clarity of thinking is a must for anybody. “A sound mind in a sound body” goes the saying. First, the body has to be in good condition. For that we have to activate the energy centres in the body. We have seen earlier the activating of the top energy centre, the forehead energy centre and the heart and stomach centres. We are now left with other three energy centres, which are important, viz. the throat energy centre, water centre and physical energy centre. The thyroid and parathyroid glands are in throat. The student has to keep the hand on the throat, front and back, and do a visualization and affirmation and activate the thyroid gland.

The other two important centres are the water centre and the root centre at the back of the spine. The end of the spine is the physical energy centre. Keep the hand on the water centre (2" below the navel) and the other hand on the base of the spine. So if you activate all seven centres, students can become hale and hearty. For logical thinking and clarity of thinking, you have to concentrate on the forehead where you have the intuitive centre. So if you activate the forehead and the back head, clarity of thinking will result because pituitary gland starts secreting all hormones properly at right quantity.

Some students do not have a practical thinking since the backside of head is blocked. He may start many projects and leave them in the middle and may not complete anything. These types of people should concentrate more on the back of the head to improve the practical thinking. The logical thinking and the practical thinking lead to positive thinking and proactive thinking.