E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t


What is the Advantage of this System?
For solving any problem in life, we can use this method. There are many systems practiced in the world. All the systems are good. Only in this system there is nothing much to learn hard for practising it. This gift has been given to everybody without any bias. Also practising it is easy. You can practise it when you your normal work, while watching television or while even walking on the road. You can remove all the negative energies pent up in your system by passing Reiki energy. It is a simple and highly effective system and can be practised by anyone at any time. People do not have time to do prayer, meditation and exercises in this fast-moving world. In our method, people can practise while they are doing their work, eating, watching television, and even while travelling. This is the unique advantage our system. We do not introduce any rituals, methodologies, mantras, and symbols in our system. We only develop this as science. At the same time, it is an Art as well.

What happens when Reiki Energy goes into an Individual?
It rearranges the harmony of the electrons revolving around the nucleus of each and every diseased cell of the affected part. When the harmony of the electrons is affected, man gets the disease. Reiki Energy travels at the frequency of the healthy DNA cells, which is 52 to 78 GHZ (billion cycles per second). One billionth of the watt of electrical energy goes from the hand and rearranges the disharmony of the electrons in each and every affected cell of the body. The person gets cured when the harmony of the electrons is restored. This system is very easy to practise. The mother lovingly patting the child is based on, and is also an example of this energy principle.  For example, when you get hurt in your feet, your hand automatically goes to the feet. When you get a heart attack, your hand instantly goes to the heart. Hence there is a natural instinct available within oneself for all the problems. That is what Galileo said, “You cannot teach a man everything, but we can help him to find it within himself”.

We strive to tell the whole world the greatness of this technique.  Natural abilities for doing Reiki have been given to every individual in an unbiased manner for solving their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical problems. Anything can be solved using this method. The sky is the limit. Whatever problems people encounter in their life, they can be solved by the natural energies available within them. Here one does not use his own energy but he taps the energy from the unlimited cosmos. When intention is there, energy automatically flows.

You do it on yourself or others
We should first do healing on ourselves because charity begins at home. We should first become a better person and then only we can go to help the other people. When the toxins, which are built up in the system are removed, one becomes a better individual mentally, physically; emotionally and his performance and efficiency improve in all walks of life.

Reiki for Women
Women are the ones who encounter

more problems than men. There

are many working women and

naturally their workload is more.

After doing work in the office, they

have to take care of the family and

do household chores also. Women

particularly encounter these types

of problems.

For overcoming depression, women should keep one hand on the heart and the other hand on the stomach and thus pass energy. The energy from the hand goes into the heart and dissolves the blockages and women can feel better.  The heartbeat slows down when you do this by 3 beats per minute. For example, the heartbeat comes down to 69 beats per minute from normal level of 72 and also the expansion of the lungs comes down to 11 from the normal level of 18 breaths per minute. Also the need for oxygen comes down since the lungs breathe slowly. The tension also comes down since the secretion of lactate in the blood comes down. It is only when the level of the lactate in blood goes up that tension arises. The lactate is secreted in the muscles of the skull. When people practise placing of hands on heart, healing starts and tension comes down. People can more relax since their hearts get Reiki energy. It gives “relaxation response” which is the opposite of “FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE”. People feel more relaxed and more at ease and they fall asleep in less time.

Medicine of the Future
Man gets energy from food, air, water and Reiki energy. When the Reiki Energy does not go to the heart’s energy centre, the heart develops problems like depression. The Reiki solution to this is to just keep your hand on the heart and say a prayer. Within a short span of time, there will be some improvement. In this method, we do not take any medicine but only energy, which is the medicine of the future. The whole of humanity should use this medicine, which is available in abundance in the cosmos. When people keep the hand on the heart, they automatically extract Reiki energy. It is a pure form of energy and hence called energy of love. Also, you don’t have to pay for it. The mother uses love energy to pat the child. It is available from the almighty to everyone.

How can relationship in the family be improved?
Blessing the other person can easily solve the relationship problems. By blessing, we mean supplying the reiki energy. Think about a person and project the reiki energy. You can do this by keeping the hand on the heart and saying, “let the relationship be alright”. We thereby send thought wave to the other person. Suppose, the relationship is strained between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, between brothers and between sisters. The same principle can be applied, i.e. projecting energy of love. It may be that at one point, you would have hurt the other person, or the other person would have hurt you. If you project good energy, i.e. a good thought, (the thought wave is electro magnetic and travels even faster than the speed of light, i.e. 3 lakh km per second), it reaches the other person and makes changes in him and he in turn projects the positive energy realizing, “oh! I have hurt the other person and the mistake is on my part”. Hence the communication is established between two hearts. This makes both of them to come together. What we have to do is to project the energy patiently for some time until the relationship is healed. The love energy will definitely unite them together.

How to get promotion?
Love energy means the reiki energy. With love, we can encompass the whole world. Only love and nothing but love does the change. Love should come from the heart without any strings attached. The same principle can be extended to any activity, any relationship problem, and any situation in life. This can also be adopted to achieve goals in life. You can project the reiki energy to your goal by saying an affirmation, “i want to get a good promotion in my office”. The pre-requirement is that you should have executed work properly to the satisfaction of superiors in the office. You project this energy to your boss and continue this till goals are achieved.