E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t


Digital knowledge is required to succeed in digital world.
Digital Skills like, Smart phones, Website designing and optimisation, Social Networking Skills, Digital Marketing and Email Marketing are required.

Digital Life Skills also are required viz. Home Kaizen for success, SWOT - Personal Life Analysis, Kanban for solving personal problems, 5S for life, PCMS-Personal Continuity Management System, PRMS-Personal Risk Management System, Laws of life, Rules of life, Newton’s Law for real life situations and Right to Information.

The following Digital Lifestyle changes are to be ensured for winning - Eat food slowly, Maintain blood pH at 7.35, Physical work and Cosmic Energy Make up

High touch required for High Tech:
We are in a digital era. There are multiple problems facing mankind today which were non-existent before. We should know how to survive in this digital world. We should be familiar with some of the digital tools we are gifted with now. We should know how to capitalise it for achieving success and maintaining work life balance. Moreover, as we move towards higher technology, we need higher touch to withstand the stresses of the modern world.

Why don't people change?
This question always rang in my ears "Why don't people change" even after reading many self-development books and undergoing many management training programmes?

They may seriously try it for a maximum of one week and then discontinue it. I tried to analyse the cause. Some are given below:-
1. Methods, even which may simple, are difficult to practise at all times and at all places.
2. Most of them are complicated and require separate place for practicing.

Most self-development books concentrate more on psychology. Everybody suggests in one-way or other only the "Affirmation and Visualisation" techniques. In my experience, nobody changes by simply telling, "Think positive, Think proactive."

What is to be done now?
An external force is required to make the change. In this book, I suggest to make use of the greatest gift that everybody have got within themselves, cosmic energy. Cosmic energy causes transformation. It goes into each and every cell of the body and makes chemical changes which awaken the individual.

My formula:
Hence, my formula is: Energy + Thought = Success.

​The advantage of this method:-
1. You can do it anywhere, viz. while talking, watching TV and even while travelling.
2. No rituals and methodologies are involved
3. It is a scientific system
4. This gift is in everybody's hands. For all problems, just keep the hand.
It has transformed me and many others. Hence I am giving the benefit of this experience to all the citizens of this world.

How to Succeed using the new formula?

Follow the three steps below.

1. Follow the lifestyle tips, e.g.

            a. Chew food & eat slowly
            b. Physical activity
            c. Maintain blood pH at 7.35 by food control

2. Read tips for Digital skills

            a. Website optimization
            b. Email marketing
            c. Use of Smart phones
            d. Life Management skills

3. Cosmic Make up

        a. Pass Cosmic energy to your body system
        b. Mind becomes calm and works smarter.

Jobs become simpler and easier if the steps given in this book are followed. You can slowly improve upon your skills and fine-tune your body and mind. Be assured that by following the tips, you can truly improve your working in all fronts.