E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t

Free Counselling, Scanning & Solving all problems (Physical, Mental, emotional, Personal,official )using simple scientific technique over phone/Skype/Whatsapp, Emails. No need to come in person. This is service to humanity.

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LIFE AUDIT - means auditing of life styles of individuals body and mind system. This is very much required in the present Digital world. The first priority in the "Work life balance" is life only and work comes later only. This is a scientific system and is easy to follow by any body at any time.

​​Cosmic Make-up – Need of the hour
News like one below is common in present Digital World.

  • “A Software professional commits suicide”.

  • “A young couple, both software engineers file for divorce,”

  • “Dispute in families”.

  • “Murder/Rape in Society”

A simple scientific system is devised for shedding accumulated stress and for learning to balance work and life. Also explained Digital Marketing and Management techniques to excel in life.

Many organisations offer yoga classes, exercises and meditation. Has it really worked for all people is a big question mark? 

S U C C E S S   I N   D I G I T A L    W O R L D

The professional psychiatric counseling and care has not solved all stress-related problems. I have a simple scientific system of Cosmic Make up to solve all the mental, physical, emotional problems. Also I have taken the help of science, spiritualism and modern management techniques to solve all life styles problems.​

Try it Yourself
You try the method yourself as told in the site.

For Physical and emotional problems, keep your hand at the appropriate places with intention.

If any clarification is required, contact us for counselling.

Formula - Energy + Thoughts = Success.​