E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t

How to become a No.1 Student using Reiki
This reiki programme helps student to particularly overcome depression and examination fear by improving memory power and concentration and in healing minor ailments, etc.

Reiki for students
the different problems faced by the student community are
           1. Lack of memory power
           2. Lack of concentration
           3. Sports injuries
           4. Examination fear
           5. Failure to establish rapport
           6. Lack of self-confidence
           7. Eye strain
           8. Lack of logical thinking
let us give solutions to all the problems faced by the present-day students one by one.

Memory power
Memory power is required for students writing the examination. First you should understand how the lack of memory power arises. The brain is the main organ for memory. We have to activate the brain for a better memory power. In reiki we use energy to activate the brain. When I say brain, I mean the right and left sides of the brain. We also use the visualization and affirmation techniques besides passing reiki energy. That’s why this system is very effective. For memory power, the students have to keep the two hands on the right and left sides of the brain. When you keep the hands, you automatically tap the reiki energy from the universe. Because the intention is there to activate the brain, energy follows thought. At the same time you can give an affirmation that “my memory power has improved” and also visualize that you are getting good marks in the examination, or you are getting a prize from the principal of the college. By this, we are energizing the brain and all the neurons in the brain get activated, and face becomes bright. Memory power will improve.

Students have to practise this for a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning and evening. This can be done at any place, either in the college, or in the house. The reiki energy flows when you keep the hand on the area. If you do not have any time, you can also do it while you are studying. For example you keep one hand on head and keep reading your book and also do this even when you are lying on the bed. When you sit in class you can keep one hand on head and do your writing. In this method, there is no time and space restriction. That’s why this will be effective for improving the memory power. For many students, the memory power has improved after they practised this regularly.

Lack of concentration
this is a widespread problem faced by many students. They are not able to concentrate and there are many distractions. When they are studying, many thoughts come and interfere. For concentration power, we have to further activate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is in the forehead. Keep the hand on the forehead and on the back head. When the forehead is activated, the pituitary gland gets charged. The pituitary gland, which is called master gland, secretes 10 types of hormones. The face becomes bright, clarity of thinking improves and you will be able to concentrate better. Everything comes by practice only. Hence practise, practise and practise!

Examination fear
the stress and tension during examination time are common for all. The common denominator in reiki for all these problems is to keep the hands on the affected part and do visualization and affirmation. The stresses are of two types; one is an emotional stress, and another is mental stress. For emotional stress, we have to keep one hand on the heart and the other hand on the stomach, just above the navel. The energy goes to the heart and stomach, which are the emotional centres. When the energy reaches the area, the fear goes. Reiki energy releases the blockage. At the same time we should visualize, “we have become normal”. Regarding mental stress, ‘mental’ means the brain. The afflicted student has to keep the hand on the head and pass the energy until the tension is released. When you keep the hand, the warmth in the hand opens the blood vessels and blood circulation improves. The secretion of lactate comes down. The more the secretion of lactate, more will be tension level. So when you keep your hand, tension comes down. When the tension level comes down, students can feel calm with, their heads becoming light.

During examination time, students do not get good sleep due to stress. For this too, students can keep their hands on the heart and the stomach. Prayers can be recited if they feels like it.

Initiation into Cosmic Energy
The day you prepare yourself to be initiated into this cosmic energy therapy, a new chapter will dawn on your life with.  The new energy will infuse a divine meaning in man’s hitherto mechanical life. Experience yourself the widening of the spirit of brotherhood when you engage in treating yourself with others with the help of this cosmic energy.

There comes a new milestone in an aspirant’s life, and it is the initiation by a competent guru.  The initiation dispels the three negative attributes of excessive desire towards women, material and wealth in the aspirant. Even the scriptures claim that an uninitiated aspirant’s flower garland is not accepted by the God. The following sloka is mandatorily required to be spelt out by the aspirant, along with his guru, before initiation:

"Om Sahanaa Vavathu Sahanau Punakthu
Sahaveeryang Karavaa Vahay
Tejasvinaa Va Tthida Masthu Maa Vidhvishaa Vahay”

“This divine journey requires from each one of us a mutual respect, understanding and the exhibition of absolute desire to learn the art. Let the Supreme Force protect us and bestow upon us the Supreme Knowledge”.

According the Indian schools of thought, the guru (preceptor) is hailed as a bridge between an aspirant and God. This explains why the guru has been venerated before God in this oft repeated invocatio, “Mataa, Pita, Guru, Deivam”. As a pinnacle to the glorification of a guru, the scriptures salute his greatness thus:

“Guruve Brahma, Guruve Vishnu
      Guruve Maheswara”,

meaning to say, “Guru is the tri-forces of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Sustainer; and Maheswara, the Destroyer”. Further, “Ezhuthariviththavan Iraivan Aavaan”, meaning “The preceptor who imparts the knowledge is akin to God”.

Saint-composer Arunagirinathar, an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, had received the blessings of the Supreme in the form of Lord Muruga himself assuming the role of a guru (preceptor) for him, while saint Dattatreya was bestowed with 24 preceptors that included natural elements like the sun, moon, river, flower and trees as the saint was believed to have acquired knowledge from each one of these. Hence, let us prepare ourselves to get initiated on the nuances of this cosmic energy from a guru and become blessed.