E n e r g y  &  L i f e   A u d i t

​​Lighting Systems​

  1. Replace incandescent lamps
  2. To utilize natural light by installing translucent sheets
  3. Install Photo Electric Controls to control artificial lighting
  4. Install solar energy systems
  5. To provide Reflectors in light Fittings
  6. Installation of Energy Saver in Lighting Circuit
  7. Replace Electromagnetic Ballasts by Electronic Ballasts
  8. Replace Standard Lamps by Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  9. Provide Day Light Switches to control lamps
  10. Replace Slim Tube Fluorescent Lamps by Philips Trulite
  11. Conversion to High pressure sodium vapour lamp
  12. Install Lighting Transformers In Lighting Feeders
  13. Switch Off Lights in Indentified Areas
  14. Replace Filament Indication Lamps in Control Panels with LED Lamps
  15. Replace machine spot lights with CFLS
  16. Replace reflectors of tube light fittings
  17. Replace of 50 Nos. of FT lamps with LED lamps
  18. Balancing of electrical loads on 3 phase LT lighting feeder
  19. Reduce input voltage to the lighting loads​​

Compressed Air System​

  1. Reduce the temperature inside the compressor house
  2. Install Refrigeration dryers in Compressed Air System
  3. Saving by arresting Leakages
  4. Avoid use of compressed air for purposes
  5. Replace single stage compressor by double stage compressor
  6. Use Transvector Nozzle for cleaning
  7. Interconnect Suction of Blowers
  8. Install Ejector instead of flash gas compressor
  9. Optimise compressed air by usage of Nitrogen and smaller rating compressor
  10. Stop 200 cfm Compressor
  11. Optimise the usage of compressed air
  12. To reduce the pressure loss in the following compressed air pipe lines
  13. Reduce Compressed air Pressure
  14. Conversion of pneumatic conveying system to mechanical system for transportation of cement
  15. Change lube oil of the compressors by Shatex Synlube compressor oil - XSE
  16. Conversion to electrical grinding

Hvac & Refrigeration​

  1. Replace the existing A/c units with VAM
  2. Utilise the waste heat for VAM
  3. Replace the window air conditioners by FCU’s
  4. Provide ventilation by roof extractors
  5. Install Mega saver units for air conditioning system
  6. Fix Sun Film Control For Windows
  7. Use 250 TR Unit Instead of Air Cooled 60 TR Units
  8. Optimise Operation of HVAC’s
  9. Install Conquest Energy Saver
  10. Reduce rpm of AHU Fans in the Office Building
  11. Install Loading and Unloading Mechanism for Chiller Compressors
  12. Install motorized dampers to the air conditioning ducts
  13. Install Energy Efficient Refrigeration Compressor
  14. Convert water cooled A/c to Air cooled A/c system
  15. Install Automatic Loading System in Refrigeration  Compressor
  16. Provide false ceiling in all the section of plant
  17. Pumps
  18. Optimization of Chilling Plant circulating pump operation
  19. Improve efficiency of Pump
  20. Operate two Pumps instead of three pumps
  21. Install Right Size Pump for Water Supply
  22. Install Lower Size Impeller for Water Pumps
  23. Reducing pressure drop in the water supply header
  24. To stop the Continuous Hardening Furnace Quenching oil pump
  25. Savings obtained by Lowering the Steam Pressure in the Boiler
  26. To optimise the cooling tower pump operation
  27. Segregate high and low water pressure users
  28. Erect overhead tank for water supply
  29. Install water level controller to over head tank
  30. Trim impeller of water pump
  31. Install VFD for the process pump
  32. Install soft starters for pumps

Fans and Blowers​

  1. Replacement of Inefficient fans
  2. Performance testing of fans
  3. Interconnection of Blowers in the plant
  4. Replacement of ineffcient blower
  5. Down size of Air Supply Blower
  6. Stopping of Exhaust Fans
  7. Reducing the Speed of Blower

Cement Industry​

  1. Saving by Reducing air flow in Kiln
  2. Saving by Reducing air flow in discharge circuit
  3. Speed reduction in Bag Filter fans
  4. To reduce the pressure drop the Preheater
  5. Arresting Air ingress by installing a Nose Ring Seal
  6. Conversion of Worm gear drives to Helical gear drives
  7. Conversion from Pneumatic Conveyor
  8. Elimination of Coal mill Booster fan
  9. Reduce the peak hour consumption by stagging  running of rawmill​
  10. Textile Industry
  11. Replace Aluminium Blade by FRP blades for Humidification
  12. To provide False Ceiling for all the sections of the plant
  13. Installation of Solid State Controller for Ring Frames
  14. Use plastic type Aerofoil Louvers
  15. Changeover from Spray to Cell type air washer
  16. Reduce the Spindle Wharves Diameter in Ring Frame
  17. Use Synthetic spindle oil for all Ring Frames
  18. Use vacuum cleaner and eliminate use of compressed air
  19. Use pneumofil fans of aluminum
  20. Install Power Planner for Blow room of Mill-A
  21. Install Schlaforst 338 for autoconer Mill-B
  22. Provide phoelectric sensor for sliver breakage

Building and Commercial​

  1. Provision of venetian blinds for the windows
  2. Install ‘Occupancy Sensor' for Lighting in the Halls
  3. Replace the D/C driven motor of the lift by A/C drives
  4. Switching off the computers during lunch time

Energy Conservation Implementation

  1. To create awareness and Train the manpower
  2. Energy savings by improved maintanence

                                                      200 ECOs


  1. Increase steam output  through improved efficiency
  2. Install economizer in Boiler for preheating feed water
  3. Improve the efficiency of the boiler by soot blowing
  4. Installation of Air preheater to the boiler
  5. Convert the existing grate fired boiler to fluidised bed boiler 
  6. Blow down loss reduction
  7. Usage of fuel oil additive for LSHS
  8. To modify Burner in Boiler to improve combustion efficiency
  9. Conversion of coal fired thermic fluid heaters to fluidised bed combustion heaters using bagasse
  10. Install variable frequency (VFD) for FD fan of Boiler
  11. Use coal after drying in sun
  12. Reduce of boiler pressure from 9.0 Kg/cm2 to 4.0 Kg/cm2
  13. Replacing the boiler with a 25/HR boiler

Steam Systems​

  1. To provide separate line for condensate recovery
  2. Replace existing electrical heating system by steam heating 
  3. Improve the efficiency of steam distribution system
  4. Improvement of Efficiency of the turbine
  5. Stop Steam condensate pump
  6. Attend to steam leaks in steam lines and valves
  7. Optimisation of steam utilization
  8. Install the right Steam Traps


  1. Fuel efficiency Improvement in furnace
  2. Minimize the heat loss through the exhaust fans
  3. Replace present control panels by thyristor control panel
  4. Interlock Operation of Exhaust Blowers with Door openings in PCO & WDO
  5. Installation of Flux-maxiox in furnace oil supply line
  6. Use LPG as fuel instead of Town gas
  7. Improve the efficiency of dryer
  8. To keep usage of holding furnace to the minimum possible to avoid energy loss
  9. Shot Blast the returing to remove the sand 
  10. Install ladle preheating for furnace
  11. Loading the furnace to the full capacity
  12. Re-scheduling the batch operations of furnace
  13. Reduce the tapping temperature
  14. Minimise Pouring Time

Insulation & Refractories​

  1. Insulate the pipe line and equipments
  2. Replace the existing refractory with ceramic wool
  3. To provide ceramic wool lining backed by rock wool
  4. Insulating the uninsulated pipelines
  5. Installation of polypropylene balls in the Electroplating baths
  6. Minimizing the heat loss through insulated surfaces
  7. Providing thermocole lid  just on the surface of the hot  baths
  8. Insulate the bare steam lines in the identified areas
  9. Install Covers for tanks with Heaters
  10. Insulating Furnace Wall
  11. Provision of lid for 2 T furnace and replace existing lid with Insulate the barrels of all the Electrical heaters in Line A,B,C.


  1. Replace the present condensing type turbine

Waste Heat Recovery

  1. Utilise the heat generated through incineration
  2. Operate the existing heat recovery system in Pot concentrator furnaces for recovering the waste heat

Thermic Fluid Heaters

  1. To reduce excess air in the exit gas
  2. Conversion of Electrically heated water baths
  3. Performance improvement of thermic fluid heater
  4. Conversion of electrical heating to thermic fluid heating
  5. Installing a boiler working on thermic fluid heating

Cooling Towers

  1. Replace existing metal blades by FRP blades for C.T.’s
  2. Install automatic temperature controller in the cooling tower systems
  3. Centralisation of utilities
  4. Saving by water quality management
  5. To install side steam fitters for Cooling Tower of power plant

Water Treatment

  1. To revamp the existing cooling water treatment

Electrical Systems / Systems Study​

  1. Install harmonic filters and suppress waveform distortion
  2. Install high-tension voltage stabilizer
  3. Reallocate the loading pattern of transformers
  4. Operate the two transformers in parallell
  5. To lay additional runoff cable from substation
  6. Install energy saver for welding transformer
  7. Load management of electrical energy requirements
  8. Improve the load factor
  9. Optimisation of energy cost by using fuel additive in HSD
  10. Install 115 kVAR power factor correction capacitors
  11. Install low tension voltage stabilizer
  12. Use addtive in lube oil
  13. Reduce DG Set Frequency to 48.5
  14. Reduce Max demand
  15. Replace Defective Capacitors
  16. Optimization of UPS system
  17. Provide captive power generation to obviate losses
  18. Optimisation of thermic fluid heaters
  19. Replace motor - generator sets with thyrister based welding sets
  20. Reduce voltage by 5% at transformer
  21. Use super kerosene as fuel for the DG sets
  22. Install energy saver for DG sets
  23. Improving the performance of DG set by fine tuning
  24. Instal electrical meters for power delivery network
  25. Provision of capacitors across the terminals of A.C. welding transformers.
  26. Re-engineering of the power delivery network.


  1. Install Auto Delta-Star Controller for under loaded  motors
  2. Installation of soft starters for selected equipments
  3. Replace fluid coupling drives by variable frequency drives
  4. Install variable speed drives for cooling blower
  5. To provide interlock system for the main mill section
  6. Replace V-Belt drives by Flat Belt Drives
  7. Replace Metal cooling fans of indicated motors by plastic fans
  8. Replace underloaded motors
  9. Install VSD for motor of pump
  10. Installation of cyclic load energy savers
  11. Install shunt capacitors across the terminals of induction motors
  12. Conversion of lightly loaded Delta converstion motors to permanent star connection
  13. Periodical motor load survey

Fertilizer Industry

  1. Replace the feed conveyor by a duct in the DAP conveyors system

Chlor Akali

  1. Reduce electrical joint resistance

Energy Monitoring and Targetting

  1. To provide steam flow meter in steam distribution system
  2. To install electrical meters in different sections
  3. To install central monitoring system