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We offer innovative solution for managing energy in the most professional way. We are committed to the end-results.​

Time frame

    Practical Energy Audit study will be carried out in 3 days. The report will be submitted in two weeks time after the completion of studies. The training programme will be for a day and will be arranged after discussing the requirement.

Time to start the Audit / Training

   One  week  after  getting confirmation from your company and agreement made on the above terms and conditions. We  assure  you of a minimum saving of 5-10 per cent in Annual Energy Bill.




Energy Auditing
    We Believe Energy Audit is the key to systematic approach for decision making in the area of Energy Management. The Energy input is an essential part of any manufacturing process and often forms a significant part of expenditure of the plant. Any saving in Energy directly adds to the profit of the company. Our experience shows that there is tremendous scope to conserve Energy in Industries / Buildings. The cost of Energy inputs, viz. Electricity and Fuel is increasing and excessive consumption of energy eats up the profits of the company. Hence there is a need to save energy.

Training BY BALA
   OUR MISSION: We are dedicated to save energy for your Plant/Building by conducting Audit and Training at your premises.  We are different from other consultants. We do not submit reports rather; we work hand in hand with clients to improve energy efficiency.

    We are accredited Energy Auditors of BEE for all sectors (AEA-0105). in India. We have conducted more than 200 Audits covering Cement, Textiles, Chemical, Fertilizers, Paper, Alloy and Steel, Engineering, Food, Glass, Tyres etc., in India and abroad for the past 25 years.


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